Amalur (2019)

How do we receive a cultural heritage and how does it shape our identity?

Based on my personal ties with Basque Country, I wanted to develop a body language in dialogue with French video archives, celebrating cultural diversity and attempting to reconnect with my ancestors.

I’m interested in how the transmission of cultural heritage can build bridges between generations and prevent social isolation. In a world of dangerously growing nationalism, I’m exploring my mixed cultural background to reshape my relation to basque ethnicity.


2020/12 at The Place – Studio 
This solo piece was supported by London Contemporary Dance School as part of my MA in contemporary dance.
Tutor : Sue MacLennan

2021 – development of the work (looking for residency)
2022 – presentation in France, produced by Parade

credit photo Ruby Gadsby

Markers : Sue Mac Lennan, Eva Recacha (extract)

“This was a very strong, original and personal piece of work that was highly distinctive and successful in its integration of projection and physical expression. The piece really stimulated all the senses through the images, sounds, with the body cutting through the space stamping its presence in folk dance inspired joy and literally jettisoning the body along the floor. At other times, there was a beautiful, quiet delicacy and slowness that drew one into small details. (…)

This was very sophisticated work that looked back and felt very relevant to now with both the potential loss of important cultural past but also hinted at the danger of isolation by holding onto a fading culture too tightly. This is outstanding work of the highest calibre.” 16.12.2019

Choreographer and performer

  • Lucie Palazot

Video and sound design

  • Lucie Palazot, with the support of Theo Darcel and Jamie Mc Carthy
  • Music extracts and video clips are based on French archives recordings from Ina, the documentary « La fête basque » produced by Eladio Monino FR3 Aquitaine,1983.

Light designer

  • Mark Webber