Lucie Palazot

Based in France, Lucie is a dance artist whose work embraces performing, making and coordinating artistic projects. Lucie is cofounder and artist associate of the collective Parade created in December 2020 in Lyon with two other French dance artists Alice Lambert and Fanny Pouillot. Together, they have been developing dance practice workshops that foster creativity and imagination towards non professional dancers – based on their first creation “L’envol” whose Premiere was presented at the Festival de Royaumont in September 2023. Meanwhile, she has been collaborating with Alka Nauman, Polish dance artist, as co-choreographer in Tanz 23 24 (2020), Interlude 21 (2021) and performed in Warsaw at Warsaw Bauhaus Foundation – Curie City Gallery, Chopin University of Music and Zacheta National Gallery.

She likes exploring choreography as a dense network of connections that prompts questions about interactions with its environment : sound and music, space, objects, lights. It drives her to multidisciplinary and collaborative artwork. Playing with different layers, she is interested in creating a sensitive and poetic dance experience. She defines her dance practice as an infinite playground based on trust, confidence and empathy – values that our society needs and that she would like to share.

Lucie completed a MA at London Contemporary Dance School in 2020 (received with distinction) and a MBA in Cultural Management at Toulouse Business School in 2014. She received in 2021 The Micadanses fellowship programme, and completed in 2022 two specific trainings for choreographers at the Abbaye of Royaumont (Labo chorégraphique / Opus#2) directed by Hervé Robbe.