Reviews Tanz 23 24

blokmagazine, Contemporary Flux: A Spotlight on Curie City by Kathryn Zazenski

Art Monthly UK magazine n°441, Letter from Warsaw :Reality Check by Phoebe Blatton

“Henri’s role become dual in the spidery form of Palazot and the sturdiness of Nauman, as they calibrate through expressions that resonate in Poland today. A moment when Palazot cradles Nauman exudes queer eroticism and protection. Later Nauman exhausts herself with a mimicry of despotism – or a cry of protest ? – her small figure stranded on the highest tier of the modernist hall’s stage, a vast banner behind her, its two vertical stripes in the red and white of the Polish flag. In that moment it appears to me like tears streaming through greasepaint; the tears of a clown. In Warsaw the tragi-comic is a very familiar kind of duet.”