The Injunction (2019)

Interrogating the crossover between documentary form and video as an artform, The Injunction is a film work created by artist-filmmaker Sam Williams and choreographer Joe Moran in response workshops led by Moran with professional wrestler Cara Noir (aka Thomas Dawkins) and researcher Dr Claire Warden. Commissioned by Radar with support from Arts Council England and The Leverhulme Trust and curated by Laura Purseglove.


  • Radar website, March 2021 onwards (online presentation)
  • Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, October – November 2019

Film stills from The Injunction by Sam Williams and Joe Moran.

A film by

  • Sam Williams, artist-filmmaker
  • Joe Moran, choreographer


  • Cara Noir (aka Thomas Hawkins)


  • Dr Claire Warden

Curator and producer

  • Laura Purseglove

Sound and performance

  • Voice: Temitope Ajose-Cutting and Philip Carins
  • Sound recordist: Mika Sellens
  • With thanks to the dancers and participants including Alexander Miles and Lucie Palazot.


  • Excerpts taken from The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee and Judith Butler’s Bodies that Matter: Discursive Limits of Sex.