Interlude 21

Trying, failing, trying again, and failing better,

keeping going,

Eyes Open,

Listen to,

The visible and the invisible,

be with, connect to, take care of

people, environment, the commons.

do, make, Experiment.


Interlude 21
can be seen as a dance lab inspired by Anni Albers, figurehead of the Black Mountain College, who taught there from 1933-1949. Based on the practice of listening, the choreography is made of clear and simple forms, while making visible the making process. The piece explores Albers’ ideas, reconnecting with textures, and tries to reveal “the beauty of the simple things around us ». (Anni Albers)

Reconnecting to the body and surroundings through a sensitive observation of the visual and tactile world, feels very needed after a year of enclosure.

Performance :

3rd November 2021 – Zacheta National Gallery (Warsaw)

credit photo : Anni Albers, Photograph of Anni Albers card weaving at Black Mountain College. Anni Albers taught Weaving and Textile Design at Black Mountain College from 1933-1949. Courtesy: The North Carolina State Archives.


  • Lucie Palazot and Alka Nauman

Commissioned and produced

  • Warsaw Bauhaus Foundation, in collaboration with Zacheta National Gallery, CALARTS- California Institute of Art, with the substantial support of The US Embassy in Warsaw.

Other partners

  • Curie City Gallery Warsaw, Collectif Parade - co producer (France), Centre National de la Danse (CND Pantin), Micadanses (Lucie Palazot - fellow Adamica 2021).